President, Jeff Maas brings a history of completing hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial office and call center projects.  These projects range from ground-up construction, fit out of an empty shell, as well as interior renovations of occupied spaces.

We understand that you are in the business of something other than constructing your space. We do everything we can to take the pressure off of you, so you are free to do what your business requires.
We have found that it takes special skills to work on corporate projects, and we custom tailor our
approach to address the specific nuances of each project. This includes:

  • Clearly communicating upcoming activities with your team, your neighbors, the design team and
  • any other parties who are relevant to the project
  • Keeping all team members updated on any items that require decisions to make sure your schedule is maintained
  • Creating proper barriers between construction activities and your operation to protect occupants and eliminate dust issues
  • Working with your team to determine the best time for potentially noisy and odorous tasks