Retail & Hospitality

In his more than fifteen years of experience, owner, Jeff Maas has completed work for fast food restaurants, department stores, banks, equipment rental companies, vendor shops and hotels. Part of Jeff's success on these projects has been the knowledge that he is not working just for you, but for your customers as well.

A large portion of these projects have been completed in areas of pedestrian and high vehicular traffic. Measures are taken to ensure that the safety of the project includes the public that may be in or near your project. We also make sure that we minimize disruption to other surrounding businesses.

The employees of our company know that your brand is one of the most important things to you, and it is our responsibility to not damage that brand. It is our duty to make sure we uphold our performance to not only our high standards, but yours as well.

Our performance on past projects has shown that we recognize any requirements that may be specific to your industry. This includes special fire codes and working with the health department. We have found that it is beneficial to bring in these specialty inspectors at the beginning of the project, so all potential conflicts are resolved early in the project. This helps to guarantee your critical move in date, and it allows you to start your operations when you want.